Neuroradiology Signs (opr. twarda)

Książki medyczne


Introducing a comprehensive, full-color guide to neuroradiology signs across all imaging modalities§The first book of its kind, Neuroradiology Signs provides a multimodality review of over 440 neuroradiologic signs in CT, MR, angiography, radiography, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine. It is designed to enhance recognition of specific imaging patterns that enable you to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.§Neuroradiology Signs is divided into 7 chapters:§Adult and General Brain§Pediatric Brain§Head, Neck, and Orbits§Vascular§Skull and Facial Bones§Vertebrae§Spinal Cord and Nerves §All cases have been reviewed aby subspecialty experts and include:§Imaging Findings§Modalities§Differential Diagnosis§Discussion§References §Full-color photographs illustrate sign etymology and enhance the learning experience. The index is conveniently organized żeby sign, diagnosis, and modality. Neuroradiology Signs will be a valuable review for trainees preparing for board examinations and a trusted daily reference for practicing clinicians.§

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