Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity (Książka) (opr. twarda)

Książki medyczne


Understanding the complex factors contributing to the growing childhood obesity epidemic is vital not only for the improved health of the world's future generations, but for the healthcare system. The impact of childhood obesity reaches beyond the individual family and into the public arenas of social systems and government policy and programs.

Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity explores these with an approach that considers the current state of childhood obesity around the world as well as future projections, the most highly cited factors contributing to childhood obesity, what it means for the future both for children and society, and suggestions for steps to address and potentially prevent childhood obesity.

Features: this book will cover the multi-faceted factors contributing to the rapidly growing childhood obesity epidemic; the underlying causes and current status of rapidly growing obesity epidemic in children in the global scenario will be discussed; and the strategies for childhood obesity prevention and treatment such as physical activity and exercise, personalized nutrition plans and school and community involvement will be presented.

Benefits: a comprehensive and concise book addressing the global epidemic of childhood obesity targeted for nutritionists, dieticians, medical and health professionals, educators and scientists; and the impact and its consequences of this ongoing epidemic on individual family and community as a whole will be addressed.

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